Hellenic Corporation of Chinese Medicine (HCCM)

The Greek Urban Nonprofit Chinese Medicine Society was founded in 2011 due to the growing interest in the whole of Chinese Medicine in Greece. The main purpose of the Company is to study and promote Chinese Medicine as a whole. The training provided so far by the Company is in the form of a one-year program for healthcare professionals, a three-year program, independent training seminars, conferences and an international conference organized every 1-3 years since 2011.

Educational activities are aimed at graduates and students of Chinese and domestic medical schools and universities, as well as graduates and students of domestic or foreign health professions (doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, and nurses). The Society for Chinese Medicine Matters follows the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Some of the goals of the Company are:

  • the study of Chinese medicine
  • the promotion and dissemination of Chinese medicine in Greece
  • promoting communication between Chinese medicine practitioners and public
  • collaborating with relevant institutions, institutions, universities, institutes etc. in Greece and abroad for the purpose of exchanging information on the establishment and dissemination of Chinese Medicine
  • translation into Greek texts and web development for Chinese medicine
  • the translation of terms of Chinese medicine into Greek
  • the collaboration with training centers of Chinese Medicine in Greece and abroad
  • the publication of brochures and manuals on Chinese medicine
  • publishing textbooks and / or books on Chinese medicine
  • the establishment of a Chinese Medicine Association
    conducting / participating in / preparing / implementing / implementing clinics and other studies in themes related to Chinese Medicine
  • organizing and conducting lectures and seminars on education and training, workshops, seminars, events, national and transnational conferences